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Vasundhra Granites Pvt. Ltd. is a prominent name in the market of natural stone products, such as Granites, Marbles, Natural Granite Slabs and Granite Tiles. All our products show some good concepts like elegance, finesse, affordability and quality.

Why Us

All these years, our different services have delivered long lasting innovation

Owing to vast industry experience and high quality product range, we have secured a respectable position for ourselves in this domain.

We offer an unmatched cost effective products, responsive services and retain a customer base of satisfied long term clients, and extending our exquisite range of superior granite to a growing list of eminent and valued customers.

Our produced material is well dressed in cuboid shape, free of any cracks and visible and prominent variation.In case, there are some special requirements, we have resources and facility to deliver with perfection.

All of our all mines are well equipped with the latest and most required techniques of mining and operation. We can deliver demands of any quantity without any problem. We have enough recourses and facilities for large scale quarrying for instant and wholesale delivery.

We believe in delivering quality products and services of high standards, and its our pride in providing exceptional services, standard quality, extensive range and timely execution, to satisfy our customer expectations needs.

Our Products

We offer a wide range of materials to work with like Granite, and Natural Stone, among others.


Vasundhra Granites is a highly durable, low maintenance building material with high thermal mass. It is versatile, available in many shapes, sizes, colours and textures, and can be used for floors, walls, arches ,kitchen ,bathroom and roofs